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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tips & Techniques Tuesday: Washi-Stickled Flower

Happy Tuesday, Stickle Lovers!  Karen N here from Craftily Yours, and today, I am super excited to show you a fun combination of washi tape and Stickles!

First, I started with a 1.5" circle and some washi tape.  I then wrapped and folded the washi around the circle.  When one row was done, I moved in a little and wrapped and folded some more.  Once I reached the inside, I just tore the washi tape off....and then fluffed up the edges a little.  The fabulous Tim Holtz has a video - HERE - if you are a video learner.

What Tim didn't do is to add some fabulous Stickles to adorn the flower!  I did!  I added a large glob in the middle and then used the tip that I dipped in the middle to lightly Stickle the edges.

When I was done and let it dry for quite a while, I have this cute, easy and sparkly flower...

I've been in a Christmas frame-of-mind for the last month or so, so I used my Xmas Red Stickle washi flower on a holiday card...

Don't ya just LOVE Christmas?! I know I do!

Craftily yours,



  1. Great technique Karen! I'll have to try it...thanks!

  2. Tim better move out of the way! Great technique.

  3. You certainly outdid Tim on that flower. Yours is beautiful!