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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tips and Technique Tuesday: Stickles as Glue

Hi everybody, Chas here with a new tip and technique for you today.  Give me one reason why everyone loves Stickles?  Well that's easy, no mess.  Loose glitter is fun until the clean up and that darn glitter. It stays with you forever until the end of time.  With Stickles, there is no mess, just squeeze your bottle and boom instant glitter already glued to the paper.  But wait, Stickles is GLUE.  Have you every used it as glue or just as the glitter.

I here today to show you how fun it is to use your stickles as glue.

First, I made stamped some flowers onto a piece of card stock.  I used one of my old Stampin up sets.

Now, here come the fun, I used my waterfall and ice blue stickles for the centers of my flowers.

After  I put my "glue" in the centers of the flowers, I took my flat back pearls and stuck them on the stickles.

After a few hours of drying, my card is ready to go. I just quickly added a ribbon and there you have it.  The stickles gives a little more color along with my pearls to the centers of the flowers.


I hope you enjoyed this tip today and don't forget to come and visit me at my blog:   http://scrapinlizards.blogspot.com/

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