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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tips and Technique Tuesday: "The Correct Way To Apply Stickles"

Hello Stickles Fans... It's Laura today with a little fun with Stickles!
Here is a little poem from one of my favorite Cricut gals (okieladybug) wrote...
and I think it's just perfect...
Lightly, heavily
dotted, spotted
barely, fairly
dashed, slashed
and when I figure it out
right above my long eyelash!

Stickles are meant to be fun!!!!

I am adding some pictures throughout the post of my granddaughters Abby and Kyrie and myself
making some cards with stickles....

I add a light coat first then you can always add more....

Less is more... no blobbing.... I love the thin tip for outlining.

but I also love to use my finger...actually Kyrie using her finger (she is 6)(on her own pic)

I also use a toothpick alot...this is Abby (11 years old)
Both Abby and Kyrie managed to get the Stickles in their hair....
and on the couch... and the carpet....hahahaaa

If you need to dry it quickly... use a heat gun carefully
or an adjustable heat lamp near the project helps to dry...

The thing you need to remember the most about Stickles is

There is NO WRONG WAY...

and remember... Stickles are Highly Addictive!!!


  1. I have some stickles but rarely use them as I can't get the right look I am looking for.. I either get small lines then a big blob or too thick and then I am really unhappy with it.. What is the item that you have yours stored on.. I like having them upside down, ready to use..

    Pam, alljazzed2create.blogspot.com

    1. Pam I will find out the name.. Its a cute idea but not big enough... the best idea I have seen is a cookie sheet under a shelf.. then add stickles with magnets...that will help the blobs... storing them upside down..

  2. Sometimes I use a very thin brush. I just click out some Stickles on a patch/piece of paper and dip the brush there before I add the Stickles to my painting.

    1. Wio that would work too... I will try anything when it comes to stickles..

    2. Great techniques Laura! I use the Dazzle Caddy for storing all my Stickles, Liquid Pearls, etc. I like it since I can just pick up a container and take it to a crop. They work so well since the Stickles are stored upside down, keeping the product in the tip. Therefore the tips almost never clog up and I rarely have to use a pin to open it up. This worked for even the ones that I thought were clogged. I'm assuming this works for all the other storage ideas that keep the Stickles upside down. I like this for the portability as my stamping group meets at least once a month. Here is a link: http://store.scrapbook.com/bss-caddykit.html?utm_source=amazon&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=productads&utm_content=bss-caddykit&kw=bss-caddykit&cmp=AMZ

  3. OMG you know what I discovered today? You can do "PanoPaint" with Stickles (especially with Ranger's Liquid Pearls). I'm not sure if it's called PanoPaint what I mean, but the result looks something like this: http://www.pandurohobby.no/InspirationImages/140x140/78619_01.jpg Let me explain. If you paint with different shades of Liquid Pearls, you will notice how they don't float together. You can draw a shape e.g. a flower or heart, directly with the tube and then pull the color out with a toothpick. The effect is really cool!