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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pile Up Wednesday: The Debut

Hello Stickles Lovers! Welcome to Wednesday!!!! Cathy here from the ATS Design Team and I'm bringing a new feature to the blog. We're calling it Pile Up Wednesday and I'll be your hostess. I like to think of myself as an equal opportunity Stickles user. I have a tough time just using one color on my creations and if I do use one color I feel the need to use a LOT of it.

Do you tend to hoard your special supplies? C'mon, we all do it. Don't let your Stickles become part of the hidden stash. Stickles are a budget friendly, quick and easy embellishment that should be USED!! I treat them pretty much the same as any of my coloring mediums (markers, pencils, inks, chalks, pastels, etc.). They make a beautiful addition to any card but if you add multiple colors you get an even greater impact. In this case, more is definitely better.

Let's start out simple.....a rainbow. A rainbow is filled with color. Why not add a layer of coordinating Stickles to your rainbows? They always evoke thoughts of sparkling light in my mind, so let your rainbows truly shine.
I colored my image with Copics and added a layer of Stickles to each band of the rainbow, I also used Icicle  Stickles to edge out the clouds. That's SIX colors of Stickles on one card.....in my world we call that a PILE UP! 

I know what you are thinking. "Cathy, I don't have very many colors in my Stickles my supplies, how can I become part of the Pile Up?" It's true, even I started out with only one or two bottles of Stickles. I needed time to get to know them, figure out how to use them, discover their quirks. If you don't have a large collection of Stickles, you can still join the Pile Up Movement.

There are oodles of adorable child images out there. Pick your favorite and color it up. I used this sweet girl holding her chicks. Now, let's just look at her dress; it's colored in pink and turquoise. Look at that, I have Cotton Candy and Turquoise Stickles in my supplies. Don't add just a few dabs....really go for it. I added a generous layer of each to the corresponding color on her dress. I use the tip of the bottle to spread out the Stickles, but you can use your fingertip or a paint brush.
 LOOK at the impact you get when the Stickles are applied liberally. Since I do have almost all the colors of basic Stickles, I went back in to Pile Up the chicks and add a bit more dimension. But, the image would be just as impactful with only her dress Stickled.

So, are you with me? I'll lead you on the journey every other Wednesday. We are having an Anything Goes Linky Party right now, how about giving the Pile Up a try and join in the party?

Thanks for coming to the Pile Up!
~ Cathy, ATS Design Team

Rainbow Card: Rainbow image and verse from Back to Paper, Stickles used: Christmas Red, Orange Peel, Yellow, Green, Dark Blue, Icicle
Girl with Chicks Card: Rena with her Chicks from Floppy Latte Designs, Stickles Used: (Turquoise, Orange Peel, Yellow, Baby Blue, Cotton Candy, Pink, Aqua)


  1. What a great idea.. more stickles!!!! love your projects!!!

  2. I love this segment... I can get a bunch of stickles in just one card... :)