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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Tips and Technique: Shrinky Dink bracelet

Hi Stickle fans!!!  Chas here and like I promised during the Surf, Sun and Stickle blog hop, here I am to show you how I made the shrinky dink bracelet.

Since it was a summer blog hop, I know right away that I wanted to use my Life's a Beach cricut cartridge. Luckily for me that cartridge had a charm setting on it so that was perfect for my bracelet.

I used the two inch size for my charms.

The plastic cut like butter as long as the mat was sticky.  No problems what's so ever.

After I had my shapes cut out, I used my permanent makers to color them, actually my daughter did the coloring.  I tried to use the stampin up ink markers but it rubbed off the plastic.  I'm not sure if copic would work since I don't have any.  One thing to remember is the color will be a lot darker once the plastic is shrunk down.

I tried putting stickles on first but that did not work out. Plus you use a lot more of the stickles before you shrink compared to after.

One of the main things to remember if you are making necklaces or bracelets.  Make sure you use a hole punch before you shrink it.

I used my heat gun.  It only took a few seconds to shrink it down.  But be careful of your fingers.  I used a paper clip to hold the plastic in place.

Here is the after picture.

See how much darker the color is on the charm.

Next is the fun part.  But shrinking was really fun but hey this is a stickle blog.  :)  I used golden rod for the outside of my charm.

After it's all dry, just get out your favorite beads and make that piece of jewelry that you want.  One think that I did not think of when I was making my bracelet, was to use jump rings for the charms.  They would not lay flat like I wanted to.  But I think the bracelet turned out really good for the first time.

 My daughter and her friends are making a My Little Pony bracelet for when we go to Bronycon this weekend.  Check out my blog  Scrapin Lizards,  to see their creations.


  1. TFS! I remember this from the hop and thought it was so cute! Do you have to use the deep cut blade for this or does it work with the regular blade?

  2. How cute! And funny - my family is headed to Bronycon this weekend too - it was my son's Christmas present. He's a dedicated Brony!

  3. Great idea, didn't think to use the heating gun!