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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tips & Techniques Tuesday: Fairy Dust

Hello Stickles Lovers and WELCOME to Tips & Techniques Tuesday! Cathy here with a sweet little technique, I call Fairy Dust, to use on those mystical images (fairies, angels, mermaids, etc.), but it can really be used with any image. I'll show you a couple variations I've tried...if you've done anything similar, please link up your creation in the comments as we'd LOVE to see them.

The basic technique is to just color and 'dust' with Stickles. Please click on any of the images to see them larger.

In the first two samples below, I colored the image with Copics, and then chose pale colored Stickles to add 'dust' around the images. You'll notice I also added Stickles to the images for added depth and sparkle.

Example 1: Crafts n Me image Daffodil Springs. Once colored I added dots of Baby Blue and Stardust Stickles around the image.

Example 2: Crafts n Me image Hidden. Once colored I added dots of Lavender, Cotton Candy and Stardust Stickles around the image. This time I matched the coordinating dust to the adjacent color in the image (i.e. Lavender around her hair, Cotton Candy around the wings). 

For my next example, I took the matching dust to the image theme to extremes.
Example 3: Milk Coffee image Angel of Stars. Step 1 was to color with Copics and add Stickles to the image itself for depth and sparkle.

 Step 2: I opted to use coordinating Stickles colors to add my fairy dust. As an added twist I tried to show movement by adding the dots of Stickles in a natural trajectory of the image and making the dots smaller and further apart as I moved away from the image.

 Step 3: Here's the image fully 'dusted'. I used Thistle (pink around her hair), Firefly (around the dress and shoes) and Diamond, Icicle, and Crystal in the other areas.

 Here are a few close ups of the image once dried and the card I created using the image:


Example 4: This is the marker and Stickles Fairy Dust technique. Many crafters will outline their image with a shadow color as a finishing touch and some will use their markers to create a dotted shadow. I took this idea one step further by adding Stickles to the mix. Crafts n Me image Celtic Angel.

Step 1: Color the image with Copics.
Step 2: Add random dots of color using the same colors from the image (I opted to use the greens and yellows).

 Step 3: Match up coordinating Stickles colors and apply to the image for depth and sparkle, and dot randomly over the shadow dots for 'dust'. In my example I used yellow, stardust, firefly and mystic green Stickles). I used the darkest colors sparingly and closest to the image border.

 Step 4: Let dry and you'll have a beautiful fairy dusted image.

 Here's another example of this technique using Fresh Brewed Designs Akilah the Mermaid image:

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are inspired to use Stickles to create a bit of fairy dust in your creations!

Cathy, ATS Design Team