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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tips & Techniques Thursday: Glitz Stickles

Happy Thursday! Ashley here today with a fun product you may have never heard of before - Glitz Stickles!

Glitz Stickles are a special, Designer Series of Stickles by Suze Weinberg. Even though they're extra sparkly, they're hard to find and out of stock at a lot of online stores. Fortunately, there are a few online shops that carry them, but we'll get to those a little bit later. 

Glitz Stickles come in 6 colors - Champagne, Grape, Mermaid, Ruby Slippers, Sequins and Tiara. 

I tried taking some samples of these on paper to show you, but because they're so shiny, when they catch the light they almost all look pretty similar, and in reality, they're not. The bottles below give a good indication of what each color looks like, and I also included a bit about each of their characteristics.

Champagne resembles Golden Rod, except it has more shine due to the extra colors of glitter. 

Grape almost reminds me of Starry Night with its purple base and blue flecks of glitter, but there are pink and silver flecks of glitter in there, too, which makes it stand out. I wonder if this is what inspired Grape Ice Stickles?

Mermaid is a really pretty turquoise glitter with flecks of red and purple glitter. It's almost a more blue version of Holly. 

Ruby Slippers
Ruby Slippers is a beautiful red glitter with flecks of pink.  It's more of a "berry" color than Xmas Red is, and would look really nice on holiday projects and Valentine's Day projects as well.

Sequins contains the most colors of glitter I've ever seen out of all the types of Stickles.  It reminds me of Pink Stickles, but with lots of other colors mixed in, like gold, silver, blue, and purple. A great celebratory glitter.

Tiara most closely resembles Platinum Stickles, but is a bit darker and offers more sparkle. If you're really wanting a lot of bling on your project, this would be perfect!

Now that you've seen how beautiful and sparkly all these Stickles colors are, I bet you want to get your hands on some, am I right?!

Amazon - Limited quantities of Ruby Slippers, Champagne, and Sequins. Prices vary

Bargain Pack - All 6 colors, $2.25 for each

Blockhead Stamps - Grape, Mermaid, and Ruby Slippers for $2.00 each

Inspiration Emporium - All 6 colors on sale for $2.09 each! Regularly $2.49

Pez-A-Doodle - Grape and Sequins for $1.50 each

Myself and another DT member both ordered from Bargain Pack and the Stickles were in great condition, not dried up or anything. :) With some extra hunting I'm sure you could find more sites that still have them for sale!

Have you heard of Glitz Stickles before? Do you have a favorite color? We're curious!


  1. Never heard of the Glitz bottles before today. Off to check out your store links. Thanks.

  2. I had never heard of them until June 1st. I went to a retreat & a lady that sells scrapbooking supplies had them for sale. I picked up a bottle of grape but have not used it yet.

  3. Never heard of them but I want them now!! Love the mermaid color!! Thanks for sharing and I am off to hunt for them online!!

  4. i have not and i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE them all

  5. I do have a few of these - I have Champagne, Grape, and Mermaid - Mermaid is my favorite! I just added the Sequins & Ruby Slippers to my cart at Amazon. hee hee :)

  6. Yes! I just found out at a craft fair this spring. I have sequins and ruby slippers. Thanks for sharing resources where I can find the other colors!

    La-Vie B.
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