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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tips & Techniques Thursday: Creating Textures

Happy Thursday!!

Tonya here with a tutorial on Stickles and Textures. Now, I'm sure many of you weathered scrappers are familiar with many, if not all, of these techniques. That's ok. I'm a newbie to the scrapping world, and to Stickles in general. With that said, this tutorial is as much for me as it is for all of you.  =)

When coming up with an idea for this tutorial....I saw my son's door hanger...and thought...Eureka!!  That's it..........  Textures! 
I have used Stickles over the last several months to help create the illusion of texture, or play on light, or magic. 
The door hanger (pictured below) has the impression of waves, flowing waters, and sunlight. 

With this particular creation, I edged the 'waves' in lipstick red fluid chalk before applying the Waterfall Stickles.  It think it made the waves look more 3D....more dimensional.
Another texture I like for Stickles is sand.....

I like using a honey distress Stickles with a dark brown.  It gives the appearance of wet sand... just as the wave slips back out to sea. 

Here is a sample of Baby Blue Stickles to give the effect of a shiny balloon. 

Using Stickles to give this fairy's wings a magical feel:

This is a portion of a tag I created...I used yellow stickles to give the background a 3D feel. 

In order for this flourish to be more realistic, I used Green Stickles to create viens.  I think it makes them more realistic.   

This little fairy needs a pick me up....  I used yellow Stickles to accent the lines of her hair.  It gives her hair more texture.  The same with the wings.  Using the Stickles on the lines or shadows, makes the image come to life.  

Thank you for stopping by and humoring this newbie while I explored these techniques.  I enjoyed this part of the creative process.