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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tips & Techniques Tuesday: Make Your Own Glitter Domes -- Frugal Crafters Unite!

Greetings, All That Stickles fans! I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend! Julie here from Muddy Paws & Inky Fingers with today's Tips and Techniques Tutorial.

I have a technique to share with you that can save you time and trips to the craft store - yea!  I'm basically a frugal crafter at heart, so I love saving where I can.  I think that's why I'm such a Stickles fan -- big bang for your buck with a little bottle of Stickles.

I like to add bling to  my projects, but sometimes that bling is in the wrong color, or it's too expensive, or I don't have it on hand. Often, I use Stickles as the perfect last touch.  But sometimes I don't have time to wait for them to dry. And a heat gun can distort the shape.  Here's where this technique is handy.

First, gather a very few supplies.  You will need:

wax paper
1/4 inch hole punch
chipboard or thin cardboard or acetate
Stickles colors of your choice

The first step is to punch holes in the cardboard or acetate.  Acetate works well, but it didn't show up well in pictures, so I used cardboard.  Either will work.  You want a fairly good size hole.  Punch as many as you want to make glitter domes. This will serve as your template.

 Using the Stickles color(s) of your choice, fill each hole with Stickles, making it as round as possible.  Remember that Stickles will shrink as they dry, so over fill them. 

Carefully remove the template, lifting straight up.

Leave to dry.  I like to make a bunch, let them dry overnight, then leave them somewhere safe on the wax paper until I'm ready to use them. They're ready when I am, with no dry time required.

I use a craft pick and liquid glass to apply my glue dots to my projects.  Here, I am using a Turquoise glitter dome so I can enter it in the current Turquoise linky party!

And, here's a finished card with some homemade, cost effective, ready-when-you-are glitter domes!

I'd love it if you stopped by my blog for more details about this card. I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial!  Don't forget about the turquoise linky party going on NOW!


  1. Great Tip !!!
    DIANA L.

  2. {{{LOVE}}} this! Great job, Julie---I honestly have never thought of doing this!!

  3. This is GENIUS! Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  4. Thanks for the tip,Love your card!

  5. so cool! love the idea and the card!

  6. Julie this is a superb technique!!! TFS!