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Monday, September 23, 2013

Tips and Techniques Tuesday

Hi and welcome to to 
Tips and techniques Tuesday here at 

My tip is a simple one
I have had so many of my bottles clog 
(not just STICKLES) and then you 
have to cut a little more away from the tip
cause sticking a pin wont unclog it.
 This is what happened to my yellow Stickles.
Making the hole big and getting "globs" of Stickles
come out and ruin a project.
Or i needed a thin line of Stickles for something.
So here is how I fixed that.

you just need a small piece of tape and your bottle
wrap it around on an angle to make it into a cone shape

it sometimes takes a few tries
to get it right
if you squeeze gently you will get a steady
thin line.
top yellow is without tape

nothing is perfect in crafting but you can see the differences.

bottom lines are with the tape
Hope this tip helps you 



  1. Cathie that is great!!!!! I've been waiting for this technique Tuesday!!!!

  2. Awesome! So glad to have this tip, thank you SO much.