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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pile Up Wednesday: Grateful Buttons

Hello Stickles Lovers! Welcome to Wednesday!!!! Cathy here from the ATS Design Team bringing you another Pile Up Wednesday. In the spirit of our Appreciation Linky Party I created a bright and FUN thank you card.

Here's my finished card using the image Cannonball Buttons from one of our sponsors, Digital Delights. I have a bit of a connection with clowns and am always in need of cards featuring their smiling faces. Buttons was begging to be colored with bright hues and then Stickled up. Guess how many Stickles colors I used this time? Just shy of double digits, I piled up NINE Stickles in this cheerful creation. I couldn't find a verse that fit, so I made up my own.

I printed my image and verse on Neenah Solar White cardstock and colored it with Copics.  I didn't plan on filling in the whole image with Stickles, but once I started I couldn't stop. I've piled up Christmas Red, Lime Green, Yellow, Green, Orange Peel, Baby Blue, Midnight Blue, Stardust and Turquoise Stickles. I used Stardust Stickles to create 'explosion' lines around the image. 

I was so into the moment I didn't practice patience and let some of the colors dry. You can see how they get a bit muddy when you put wet Stickles next to more wet Stickles. The Orange Peel Stickles in the band of the hat has blended with the Baby Blue Stickles in the hat itself. That's my main word of caution when you attempt a Stickles Pile Up. Unless you want the colors to blend, let one area dry before moving onto the other. 

I used turquoise for a few accents on the pop up elements I added to the side of the card.

I know lots of people have a fear of clowns and I respect you; my best friend is one of you. Clowns really weren't a part of my life until my husband decided he wanted to become one. Now, I am proud to say I'm married to Cathy's Clown. (Anyone else know the song?) Here' I am with Mr. Gears after a summer parade. How can anyone be scared of such a sweet face? 

That's all I have for you today. I hope you will join my Stickles Pile Up movement and share your creation. I'm anxious to see if anyone can make it into double digits! The clocks ticking, but you still have time to join in the Appreciation Linky Party

Thanks for coming to the Pile Up! I'll see you with another creation in a fort night.
~ Cathy, ATS Design Team

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  1. Oh I was about to purchase Stickles LimeGreen today but I was unsure if I would like it or not. But damn it - it looks so good here. I must get it NOW. Lol.