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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tips & Techniques Tuesday: Streaky Stickles Glass

Happy Tuesday, All That Stickles Fans!  I'm super excited today to show you a technique using Stickles, alcohol ink, Glossy Accents and a transparency sheet to create a glittery, fun embellishment!

First, gather up some supplies.  I used Diamond Ice Stickles, blue Adirondack alcohol ink, and glossy accents.

Next, spread a thin layer of the glossy accents on your transparency sheet.

 Then, mix up several drops of the alcohol ink with the stickles to a big gooey mess.  I use paper plates to contain the mess.

Drop a few drops of the gooey mess onto the still wet glossy accents, and then use your needle tool to create streaks.  Be careful not to mix it up too much, or you'll get blue mashed potatoes.  *smiles*  I decided I needed more sparkle, so I added a few drops of Stickles directly to the mix. After you've got streaks, let the entire thing dry overnight on a flat surface.

 Then, all you have to do is punch a shape out that you want to use.  I've been told that you can use Spellbinders dies, but mine was a little too thick, and it didn't work.  I have lots of punches, and they always work :)

Add the embellishment to your card for a funky, eye-catching embellishment!  I added a blue bling to the top, so I could hide a glue dot underneath.

I hope that you will try this technique to make your own special embellishments! 

Craftily yours,