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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tips & Techniques Tuesday: Color vs White.

Hi Stickle lovers!!  It's Chas and today I have a nice tip involving Stickles and paper.

When I apply my Stickles it's usually to make dots around my pages as an accent item. But, there are times when I want to add glitter to a stamped image or another embellishment. Do you color the image in first or do you leave it white and apply the Stickles to it?

I punched out a few circles in colored cardstock and white cardstock to show the difference:

See the difference between the two? The top row has a lot of the white cardstock showing, but on the bottom row you really don't see much of the color cardstock with the matching stickles on top of it. It blends in pretty well.

Here is a card that I colored a digital image with my Stickles for another team.

I, myself, really do not like the white showing in the background of the Stickles:

And here is an layout that I did that I used the stickles to color in stickers. (Say that three times really fast)  :)

But it is up to you ladies what color or colorless background you apply your Stickles too.

Hope you enjoyed this little tip from me today..


  1. Very pretty card,Awesome page!Thanks for the tip!!!

  2. Me too! I like using Stickles over colored cardstock or the images I've colored first. Every now and then I'll go with the more natural look, but I'm with you on the solid base. GREAT tips!!!

  3. I prefer the solid base too
    Love your page xx

  4. thank you so much for this tip. I never thought of using colored cardstock to get the more even look I desire