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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tips & Techniques Tuesday: Modeling Film and Stickles

Happy Tuesday, Stickle Fans.  Karen N here from Craftily Yours, and I'm here to show you a "new-to-me" product called Clearly for Art Modeling Film mixed with Stickles!  This product is much like a transparency (i.e. clear plastic), but it's a little thicker and can be molded after heat is applied to achieve all sorts of cool effects.  Even cooler (as with anything) is mixing it up with some Stickles!
On our blog hop last weekend, I created a Stickled up flower with it.  First, I ran it through the Cuttlebug with some Spellbinder flower dies.

The film is thick enough that these dies did not cut the film, but it dug down enough that it only took me a few moments to free the designs.

Next, I covered them with Stickles.

The colors used here are Cranberry, Mercury Glass and Pink Taffeta.  As with any Stickles processes, let it DRY fully.   Then comes the fun part, heat up the plastic (with a blow-dryer or heat gun), and mold it as you wish.

and then layer them up.  Easy - and check out the result!  I love the dimension and, of course, the sparklies!

This is my last post as a designer for All That Stickles.  It's been a wonderful two terms, and I want to thank Ashley and Tonya and the rest of both teams for all their wonderful, positive and supportive comments.  It's been a great experience!  

Keep on Sticklin'!

Craftily yours,



  1. Great flowers! I haven't used that product yet, but I have done a similar thing with plastic water bottles. They will melt and curl with heat.

  2. Great tutorial, Karen! I've enjoyed all your ATS projects!