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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tips and Techniques Tuesday: Stickles Storage Ideas

Hi all and welcome to Tips and Techniques Tuesday!  Today I am showing you a variety of Stickles storage options.  There many out there for you to find...some you can make yourself, repurpose, or purchase.

The main point I have to say, based on my many years of using Stickles, is the importance of storing Stickles upside down to decrease bubbles and stuck-up bottles.  Up to the time I realized that, I was consistently using a pin or undone paper clip to unplug the nozzle.  Then I would shake and shake the bottle and still get bubbles when using the Stickles.  :(

Since I purchased my Stickles storage system, I have not had to unplug the nozzle of any of my Stickles!  :)  It is not because of the specific storage, but rather it is because they are always stored upside down.  I picked my storage type so I can transport Stickles easily to the monthly crops I attend.

There are many versions of the upside down storage on Pinterest and the web.  I could not show you all, so please visit my Pinterest Board: Stickles Storage Ideas  I have found many, but I have in no way exhausted the available storage types.  If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.

Click on the links below to find more information.  Thanks for visiting All That Stickles Tips and Techniques Tuesday!    Karen

Stickles Storage to Make

Lorraine's Stickles Storage
The least expensive I found to make is a repurposed egg carton: Lorraine's Stickles Storage  Everyone who uses eggs will be able to make this one!  :)  I wonder if the pressed paper type might be sturdier.  It nice that you can always make another one as your Stickles Collection grows!

Teal's Stickles Storage
Kristina's Stickles Storage
BeaOriginal Stickles Storage
Ron's Stickles Storage
Teal repurposed a spice rack
Scrappy Diva Stickles Storage

Kristina used 3/4” plastic conduit and furring strips

Scrappy Diva used a cupcake stand
Corrie's Stickles Storage

Rebecca's Stickles Storage
Margaret's husband made her a beautiful stand

Ron made his using PVC couplings  He used 1/2" but I would use 3/4"

Corrie used a gift box

Margaret's Stickles Storage

Stickles Storage to Purchase
Stamp 'n Storage to purchase

Stamp 'n Storage Stickles Desk and Stickles Drawer Storage

Glitter Glue Organizer

Dazzle Caddy 
Dazzle Caddy

Glitter Glue Organizer to purchase


  1. I have been using stickles for years and the sad thing is I never knew to put them upside down. Looks like I will have a new project for today. Thanks for the tip and ideas.


    1. You're welcome! It took me quite a few years to figure it out.

  2. I used some of that green floral styrofoam I found at the Dollar Store - I poked indents in it & that's how I store my Stickles - I don't have nearly as many as some of you, but it was easy & cheap - and I've had that system for almost 6 months and it's held up great :)

  3. That's a great idea and definitely low cost!

  4. very nice tips to teach storage and organizing to kids