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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tips & Techniques Tuesday: The Different Types of Stickles

Sometimes it's hard to see the difference in the 3 types of Stickles -  there are regular Stickles, Distress Stickles and now ICE Stickles.

The nozzles have slightly different diameters.  The ICE Stickles comes in a 1.0 oz bottle and the other two come in 0.5 oz bottles.

The regular Stickles have a fine glitter and usually have more sparkle and shine.  Distress Stickles have bigger and duller glitter flecks.

The regular and ICE Stickles are similar in color and some hues have the same name.  The ICE Stickles glitter flecks are significantly larger than the regular Stickles.

So, the regular Stickles have fine glitter flecks with a lot of sparkle.  The Distress Stickles have larger, duller flecks of glitter.  The ICE Stickles have the largest glitter flecks that also sparkle.

I hope this helps!

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1 comment:

  1. thanks Melanie...
    i actually never noticed the nozzel before and the difference - reg stickles have sparkles in them - distress is mica and can be dried with a heat gun :) i actually don't' like using the distress... not enough bling for me :)