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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tips & Techniques Tuesday: Unclogging Stickles Bottles

We all love using our Stickles, but sometimes a bottle is clogged. That is very frustrating. Here is something you can try:

You will need a long needle or pin and scrap paper.

First try shaking the bottle to loosen or move the glitter.

If that doesn't work, stick the needle (or pin) very far into the bottle.  You need to push it in far to move any of the glitter that is stuck in the nozzle.

Remove the needle (or pin).  

After the procedure, test the bottle on scrap paper.  It will splatter and be inconsistent at first.  Once all the bubbles are out, it should work normally.

If this doesn't work AND it's a brand new bottle, contact the company you bought it from.  They will usually replace the bottle.  If it's an old bottle that won't unclog, that is a great reason to 'have' to buy a new one.

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