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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stickles: Where & How to Buy

Do you want to have the entire Stickles collection, but you don't know where to buy them?  We have a few tips for you.

(Hobby Lobby Stickles Display)
Stickles are carried by many places, online and brick-and-mortar facilities.  But most do not carry the entire line of Stickles.  I have found that ordering from a few places gave me the best option. 

Starting at one, or a few of, the three big craft stores (Hobbly Lobby, Joann's, & Michael's) can be a great starting place.  Each store only carries a portion of collection, if any, in the store.  But you can get them fairly cheap if you choose to purchase from any of the three stores.  Just use a coupon to purchase pack of Stickles each time you visit the craft store. 

Hobby Lobby has a weekly 40% off coupon you can either print from their website, obtain from a flyer or your local newspaper, or a smartphone application. 


(Hobby Lobby app)

Michael's coupons can be obtained from any of the same sources as Hobby Lobby.  Keep in mind that Michael's coupons vary.  So you must pay attention.  The coupons, such as the ones pictured below, can be for a percentage off one non-sale item or a percentage off your total purchase including sale items. 


(Michael's app)

Joann coupons can also be obtained from their website or on a smartphone app.  Notice that the smartphone app shows future coupons.  I personally like that.  Since I have kids, I can make plans around hitting the craft store during the coupon usage time period.  Joann.com routinely has their Stickles on sale.  If you're like me, you wait for the sale to hit; and order enough to get free shipping. :) Win-Win.   Stickles on sale, no time lost at the store, and no gas used to get there. 

(Joan app)

  Just use a coupon to purchase pack of Stickles each time you visit the craft store.   

There are several online stores that carry Stickles.   A few that come to mind are:
Be sure that you take shipping into accout when choosing where and when to purchase your Stickles.

Manuvering through the vast options of places to purchase Stickles can be overwhelming.  Hopefully we have given you some tips that will help you along your journey. 


  1. My store, The Paper Trail, also carries all of the regular Stickles at $1.95 each which is less than retail.I usually have every color in stock. I do not carry the distress or the ice stickles, though.

  2. Thanks for the info for Stickles. Also, thanks for coupon info. I did not know some things about Joanns coupons.
    Thank again!
    Dee B

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